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Contemplations Over Wine [05 Aug 2008|06:48am]

Having seen an advertisement for the pub, Richard decided to indulge in a bit of nostalgia. Waiting until after the dinner hour so that his refusal to eat would not likely be noted, he made his way to the address from the paper and settled himself in a small booth in a conveniently darkened corner. The atmosphere was warm and convivial much like the neighbor pubs of the East End and he was quickly asked for his order by a friendly waitress. Leaning back with a glass of warm red wine, he spent a pleasant half an hour listening to the music of the talented young woman at the piano, whose mellow voice was as soothing as it was lyrical.

He enjoyed moments like these, with his formerly fellowmen pursuing their leisure as he watched the spectacle. The social dance may have changed its tempo in the centuries since his birth and rebirth, but the steps were relatively the same. Humans found each other and fell in love, parted and found others. All the while they gave little pause for the notion that death stalked them relentlessly. Perhaps it was his inability to meet that end himself or his longing to return to the mortal state which made him so eager to observe their frenetic dance, but such he had done these many centuries and so he supposed he would continue to do until time itself ceased.

Always however, he watched alone, having no desire to form a close attachment to a mortal and watch as that mortality claimed them whether slowly or far sooner than they might wish, nor did he wish the company of his own kind. The revenants he had found over the years were either turned ruthless and cruel in their hunger, leaving off any semblance of human feeling or else they were little more than ravening brutes, the dark gift having reft them of sanity as well as mortal life. He detected little change to himself after the first spate of mindless hunger he had known upon waking to this altered state, indeed he had become even more mindful of his duty to humanity than he had been as a deposed and exiled young prince.

The callow youth he had been would have given little passing thought to those outside his immediate social standing and indeed rarely noted that those beneath him were even human, but mere chattel to serve his needs. It had been, over the long years of his unlife, a source of some amusement to him that it was only by the loss of his humanity had he come to treasure the very thing that had been taken from him. He wondered what sort of king he would have made had fate treated differently with him, but understood that the very qualities he most prized in himself now would indeed likely have remained smothered by his own arrogance had God or Satan have chosen not to place him in the path of his dark sire. Raising his glass in silent salute to whichever deity had altered the steps of his life's path, he drank deeply of the warm red wine and gave a sigh of something between satisfaction and sorrow.

ooc - Richard's bio can be found on his profile page. He is willing to talk to anyone who would like to have a seat and share a glass of wine.
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[15 Apr 2008|09:51pm]

Once again Legolas found himself sitting across from his companion in the tavern where they had met the young bard. As a courtesy, Legolas had wished to tell her that they would not need her assistance in their quest. He hoped as well to take measure of her once again as she had intrigued him, there was something of her that brought to his mind the Lady of The Golden Wood.

Settling in a seat at one of the corner tables he smiled as Boromir automatically ordered an ale and nodded to the waitress' question that he would have the same. The young bard was at her instrument, but he could see her eyes drift to them and knew it would not be long until she would join them. Turning to Boromir, he smiled a bit and nodded toward the young one. "She is, as before, a voice that would have been at home in among the chorus of Lorien."
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Workin' It (for nikita_q) [25 Mar 2008|04:12pm]

Ray ducked into the bar a little before seven, taking off his glasses as soon as he was inside. It might be vain and he might be as blind as a bat without them, but looking like a dork in front of Nikita wasn’t high on his to-do list tonight. The pub was just as she’d described; far more welcoming than the dives Ray was used to from his life before this new undercover gig. It was a little strange walking into one without the express intention of getting drunk in a corner on his own but he was working it, shouldering past the other punters until he got to the bar counter.

Black boots, blue jeans, grey tee-shirt, brown leather jacket. The missing shoulder-holster and shield made him look less like a sheriff who’d just sauntered into a Western saloon. He’d thought about dressing up better, thought long and kinda hard for Kowalski about what he should wear, whether he ought to take anything with him. He didn’t even know what this was, for Christ’s sake. Friends meeting up, date, both? In the end he’d gone for what he’d feel best in, even if it didn’t make him look like the world’s greatest catch.

Ray had clocked the patrons in the pub a couple of seconds after he’d got in so he already knew Nikita hadn’t arrived yet. That was okay. Better early than late, right? Or was it better to keep them waiting? He scratched his cheek and took another look around, before wiping his palms down his jeans. He wasn’t nervous or anything. Running a hand quickly through his hair, leaving it spiked up and entirely experimental, he hopped back and up onto a stool and rested his elbows behind him. His legs sprawled and his jacket fell open. When he noticed his knee was bouncing up and down, he forcibly stilled it. The silver bracelet around his wrist ended up in his mouth instead as he sucked on a bead and waited.

[ooc: I’m so sorry for the delay! Hope the post is okay :D]
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For Arsene. [29 Feb 2008|06:56pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

They walked into the bar like a couple of guys, nothing unusual about that. Percy led the way to the back, finding a booth that was dark and out of the way. Sitting he looked up at the waitress, ordering them drinks.

"I like this one..." He said softly, trying hard not to fidget as he looked at Arsene, "order what you like." He'd leave it on a tab for Anson, if only because he didn't actually have money on himself. And he wasn't above abusing certain offers.

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[18 Jan 2008|04:35pm]

Legolas led the way into the tavern to which he had earlier in the day tracked that strange 'feeling'. Boromir followed near behind him, insisting that they go together so that the man could have a 'proper pint'. The Elf had chuckled at that, knowing that while Boromir might indeed wish for a pint of human beer, he was also attempting to lighten the Elf Prince's mood somewhat. While Legolas no longer worried what might come of their quest, none-the-less, he had been anxious since the human new year, the feeling that some event of import had occurred had not left him for even a moment.

The interior of the tavern was not unlike the Five Armies in Minas Tirith, save for the lack of wenches draping themselves over the men. The tables were smaller and the crowd less, but the atmosphere was one of good fellowship. The two made their way to a table and sat as Legolas wondered what clue they might find here to lead them on in their quest to find the lost palantir.

A young human woman sat at what must be an instrument, playing and singing in the tongue of this land. Her voice was true, with a depth and color unlike most human musicians he had heard, her song was pleasant and reminded him of one sung in the court of Elessar. He would swear that it was her song that made the tavern even more inviting.
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Drinking the Night Away [03 Oct 2007|02:35am]

(This follows from here).

Dean hated stitches, especially when Sam adminstered them while feeling pissy. So the twenty-two new stitches in his vampire-bitten arm, throbbed in counterpoint to Sam's grumbling and whining while he sewed them and fixed up the various other reminders of tonight's fight. It didn't help that Nikita watched the whole time with a grin of amusement.

But finally, the ordeal finished and Sam agreed to drive them to the Uniting Kingdoms, where Dean hoped to get to know the lovely blonde better and drink to their success. Cause, Hell, four vamps down was something to toast... and not just with their usual beers.

Besides, when you have less than a year left to live, you might as well enjoy it.

"So, what's so special about this bar we're going to?" Dean asked Nikita, turning to look at her in the Impala's backseat.
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to friendship (for Anson and John) [29 Sep 2007|06:33pm]

Anson steps into the pub, giving a wave to the bartender as he pulls the heavy wooden door closed behind him. He's become quite a regular of late. He feels more at home every time he comes here, as good memories slowly eclipse the bad. He shakes the rain from his jacket, eschewing the row of hooks by the door, and heads back to his usual table. Tucked out of the way in a corner, it's a cozy place for a drink with a friend. He slips his jacket off and slides into the seat, the leather cool through his jeans. Thunder rumbles outside and Anson glances up at the rain spattering the window. He gives a thought for his companion's delicate health, hoping the weather won't prove too much of an obstacle for John to keep their date.

He orders a glass of water, holding off on the liquor until John arrives. Good scotch calls for good conversation, after all. As he waits, Anson sits back in the booth, relaxing and taking in the pub's congenial atmosphere. It's a good crowd for midweek, a lot of familiar faces, mostly from the neighborhood. The few tourists who manage to find the place usually come in on the weekends. It's comfortably warm, from the collective body heat as well as the fire burning in the stone fireplace. The flames cast a mellow glow on everything, making the brass gleam and the glasses sparkle, and giving the patrons' faces a rosy blush. There's a constant buzz of chatter as people talk and mingle, the occasional laugh rising above the hum. Anson sips his water and checks his watch. John should be here any minute now.

He's a curious fellow, John. Definitely unlike anyone Anson's ever met before. He wonders what other people must think when they meet Doctor Holliday for the first time. Do they think he's delusional? It's entirely possible, Anson muses. Most people don't need any encouragement to pass judgement on someone they don't understand. He snorts softly and takes another sip of water. He of all people should understand that. As for himself, he has no problem believing John is exactly who and what he claims to be. Why should he? To Anson's knowledge, John has never been anything but completely honest and aboveboard with him. Besides, Anson's never been accused of being firmly rooted in reality, though he prefers to think of it as simply being open-minded. When your circle of acquaintances includes an Immortal, two vampires and an Archangel, it's not much of a stretch to sit down and have a glass of very fine scotch with someone who is supposed to have died in 1887.
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After dinner and shopping... [09 Sep 2007|12:15am]

From here.

Niki had been here a few times since arriving in New York, feeling comfortable in the cosy atmosphere the place had. It was as close to a perfect replica of an Irish pub she'd seen and had some of the real beers on tap, not just in cans or bottles. She led Roger inside and across to one of the small booths against the wall near the piano. She noticed the woman who had been regularly playing seemed to be away and instead there was a young folk singer with an acoustic guitar providing the live entertainment.

"I'll have a Kilkenny thanks," she tells the waitress who appears at the booth a few moments after they sit down.
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New kid in town [05 Sep 2007|03:34pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

New York was big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly hugely mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist, but that's just peanuts to New York.

Sam grinned at his own geekiness, but it really was true - New York was huge compared to a lot of the cities he'd seen. Huge, and not for the timid, but thankfully he wasn't timid. What he was was hungry. And thirsty. One thing New York did have was an awful lot of places to sit down, flip open the laptop, do a bit of surfing, and have a munch on the side, and that's just what he planned to do.

Except for the whole, 'it was big' thing, and there were too many of those places for his brain to choose from.

He stood out on the sidewalk, slowly turning in a circle, playing a game of 'eeny-meanie-miney-moe' with himself, pointing as he spoke the words under his breath.

Moe it was. Conveniently enough, 'moe' also happened to be the pub he was standing right in front of the whole time. Smiling to himself, he entered the cool dimness, happy to be out of the midday heat.

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[05 Aug 2007|01:15am]

[ mood | determined ]

From here.

Kitt - Keith - had been almost stupidly relieved when Michael had suggested going out for a bite to eat. It meant that he'd be able to recommend Uniting Kingdoms, and with any luck, see Kaycee again.

Seeing her through the windows of the pubfront from the alley across the way, he'd felt an almost instant sense of relief that she was there, playing.

Michael had fallen into step behind him, and it was almost like coming home to open the doors to the familiar atmosphere, the sights and smells and sounds - especially the sounds. The worry that had been carved into his features fell away the moment he walked through the doors, and his smile encompassed the entire room. He turned to Michael, who had followed him in, and gestured with a flourish.

"Welcome to Uniting Kingdoms, my home away from home. You've been wanting to know where I've been spending my time - this is it!" He smiled with a 'what do you think?' air about him.

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Kaycee sat at the piano, lost in the song requested [15 Jul 2007|11:27am]

[ mood | happy ]

Got brass in pocketCollapse )

As she finished she gave the couple a wink who'd requested it, thrilled to see the energies flowing there. A small grin of satisfaction curled the corner of her mouth as she announced she would be back shortly, once she'd had a drink and cooled down a little!

She made her way across to the bar where Loraine had her drink ready for her. "Great number that!" the woman told her with a grin and Kaycee laughed. "They certainly seemed to enjoy it," she said, the couple now unmistakably 'closer' than they had been earlier.

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Meeting with Kaycee [12 Jul 2007|10:06pm]

[ mood | happy ]

After getting off the phone with Kaycee, Fitz finished his tea and then got cleaned up.

Then, at just a few minutes before six, he made his way into the establishment. He glanced around the room, searching through the crowd for the lovely lady who was waiting for him.

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And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda [13 Jul 2007|12:14am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

She wasn't sure why she was singing it, the music and words having come to her when some scraps of new came to her that day. An old war veteran had died from smoke inhalation in his bed - there were no smoke alarms in his home. The irony of it all just really struck her and she dedicated the song to the old Digger.

And the Band Played Waltzing MatildaCollapse )

Once she'd finished it she took a deep breath and let it out slowly, the emotions of the song slowly dissipating as she nodded once as if in deference to the man who'd passed. Immediately she could feel her energy start to lift, and she started into the next number, Heroes.

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Just another day... [10 Jul 2007|10:49pm]

The lunchtime rush had finished, the few diners left mostly just chatting over coffee. Gabe had the shift between to do the stocktake in the cellar and reload the fridges before the evening crowd started to wandr in.

After finishing checking the kegs down below (a task made simpler using a spell he'd created to do it) he started on the fridges, used to the physical labour as it reminded him of the times his grandfather had made him do things himself on the boat instead of using magic. Especially in the storms they would regularly face in the North Sea.

"Can't build character without facing a bit of toil, Gabriel," he'd told him as they'd worked the sheets in galeforce winds. Having not been a large lad Gabe had had to work twice as hard to keep up, and pull his weight, and so had developed a very strong work ethic. And a wiry frame. So working in the bar was giving him a chance to both keep an eye on what was going on in various places, and keep fit without it being obvious he was. Row after row of shelves were filled neatly and precisely with the various brands of foreign ales and lagers and stouts as he worked his way along the glass-doored fridges at one end of the bar.
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Dropping in for a drink [for f_edup] [01 Jul 2007|12:01pm]

Eve sat at the bar, a beer in front of her as she chatted to the young barman who she'd noticed a few times before. He didn't say much, but she'd noticed him being very observant, and wondered about him.

As he was off serving some other customers she looked around and took a sip of her beer. Some regulars, most people new to her so she leaned her back against the brass railing that ran around the edge of the bar and, listening to the music that quietly wound its way around the customers, started to relax and enjoy the song.
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Singles Night! (Open to everyone interested in meeting others) [21 Jun 2007|08:01am]

[ mood | relaxed ]

It was an idea that came out of conversations Kaycee'd heard around the bar more regularly - patrons who didn't have a chance to meet people that were single! She talked to Eric and Cian, the manager, about it and they finally agreed to give it a go.

A Singles Night.

She made sure the music she would be playing that night would be appropriate for that sort of crowd and get everyone feeling relaxed and comfortable, with a special touch of energy to get them talking.

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Meeting Anson [25 Mar 2007|04:03pm]

It had been a long time since Mulder had been here, and as he walked through the doors, he couldn't help feeling a little wistful. He'd met Orlando, Kaycee and Brendan here, among others, he'd been here with Vic, and it felt so strange to remember it all as if it were yesterday but know that it had actually been ages since he'd been here.

He grabbed a table and would wait for Anson to show before ordering anything to drink.
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The reception of Jack and Liadan [26 Aug 2006|06:56pm]

Jack was not a romantic by any means but this was an exception. With the wedding now done and guests piling into Uniting Kingdoms, Jack made sure one last time, that all was well. He checked on Tyler and Ix, who had sent the children back home with two of the pack. He was floating around somewhere, shaking hands, reminding some fight club guys that yes indeed, this was a social gathering and no rough housing. Of course, they already knew that but Jack was wired up enough and Tyler thought it a good idea to make sure all went smoothly. Ix was here somewhere but he was soon distracted by the last minute details of the wedding cake that had just been brought in through the kitchen doors and set next to the large buffet table of food and on it's own table. No expense was spared and there were many delicacies to choose from.

He then looked to the gift table, which was starting to fill. His mother was flitting around that table, which also held the signing book, like a seasoned warrior at the battle station. It was the perfect spot for her right now, for the woman had more energy than both bride and groom combined.

He’d never seen so much green in his life – barring the fact that the place already had the Celtic theme, Jack tried to use as much Irish into it as he possibly could. When he looked to Liadan’s family table, he was pleased that hey seemed to enjoy that touch.

And then there was Liadan, who looked so beautiful and flustered and she went about saying hello to all the guests. Jack looked down at his own outfit. The cummerbund was the first thing to go and if he could have taken off his shoes, he would have. Had to stay somewhat civilized, Jack mused, pondering the strangeness that was his life. But this time, it was a good strange.

ooc infoCollapse )
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Decisions [04 May 2006|07:42am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Tess entered the UK, still slightly dazed from her night of making love to Face, and all of the things they'd said to each other, even though it was now midafternoon. She had a few hours before she had to work that night. Once inside she almost went upstairs to her room, then changed her mind. She didn't feel like being completely alone, although she had some thinking to do now. Instead, she decided to get a drink and sit at one of the tables near the windows so she could watch people walking by.

Moments later, she was there with a Guinness, but she didn't drink it yet. Instead she rested her chin on her hand and looked out the window. She'd been doing pretty well with moving on with her life after her mother died, but now she felt a sense of loss more keenly that she had in awhile. What would Marianne say? What advice would she give? "I wish you were here to talk to Mom," she whispered, then fell silent again.

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Jack and Liadan's Announcement [21 Mar 2006|03:21pm]

[ mood | happy ]

(This is part of the St. Patrick's Day party)

Liadan has been waiting for just the right moment, but none seems to be making itself known; finally, she realises she has to make one. And what better way to do that but to get a spoon and an empty glass and climb onto the bar. She begins banging the spoon against the glass.

"Everyone, everyone. May I ha your attention?"

It takes a bit, but eventually things quiet down, and when everyone is looking at her she raises her left hand, diamond ring out. "I'd just like t' announce that Jack and I are engaged. He proposed on Valentine's Day... wi' a blimp!"

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