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Uniting Kingdoms

Where foe becomes friend

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Welcome to Uniting Kingdoms! Whether you're from the 'land of leprechauns', the wonders of Wales, the ever proper 'Poms', good ol' bonnie Scotland, or our new home, the US of A, y' can settle back 'ere and enjoy a pint, or a snifter. That's not t' say that those of other origins aren't welcome! You're all welcome to settle in for a good session and try some of the more exclusive whiskeys to have come out of the Isles. Not t' mention more brews 'n y' can poke a stick at! And our menu is enough to make y' think of 'home'.

So drop on in, and enjoy the craic!

We're on this Earth together,
And if we would be brothers,
Fight not just on your own behalf
But for the sake of others.



Admin note:
Membership - Age issue
This community is here for the use of all RPers from all worlds and comms. It is a bar/pub and from time to time there will be adult content that rates as NC-17. It has always been, and will always be, a 'moderated membership' for this reason. As a responsible mod I am now asking that all players who participate agree to 'friends lock' any threads that reach a point of becoming NC-17 in their content. Threads can easily be locked after started, but only by the originator of the thread. We appreciate your assistance in this matter and hope you have a great time! Slainte!